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Easy Video Making setup

A great way to build your audience for your blog is to make videos. Videos are also a great way to promote a product or make a product review. Or, you may be looking to improve the quality of your webinars or produce a podcast. Easy Video Making.com is here to help you over the rough spots.

Not only is having everything you need important, but just as important is getting it all hooked up so it properly works can, at times be a challenge.

There are a number of things you can do to promote yourself and your product through audio and video means. Did you know YouTube is the second highest search engine next to Google?

On this blog I am going to attempt to give you the answers you need and make recommendations on various products. I will also attempt to explain how these things all work in plain everyday terms, and not get overly technical where I cause your eyes to cross from trying to understand it all.

So, lets get started with a few general tips for you to consider. Then one by one we will put the pieces together.


Easy Video Making.com Microphone SuggestionsPodcast microphones from easy video making

No matter what you are doing, be it a video, podcast or webinar you need to be clearly heard and understood. Sure, your computer comes with a built in microphone. But if you are going to be doing  video or screen cast on a regular basis your built in mic is not going to cut it. No matter how good your content may be, if no one can hear or understand what you are saying they will not stay around to view your content.

There are literally hundreds of microphones available today so we’re going to sort through them and recommend the ones that will perform for you and fall within your budget range.

For starters you are going to need a decent USB microphone. We can get you going with a decent microphone for under $100. I’ll make several recommendations on microphones in another post, but if you need something in a hurry and don’t want to read any further posts I highly recommend the Audio Technica  ATR 2100, which is a USB/XLR microphone. It works great and I will explain everything about it in my microphone post. Trust me, you will not regret this mic.

Sometimes a microphone does not want to work right out of the box. Easy Video Making is here to help you over the rough spots and hopefully guide you to helpful solutions to get your mic working properly.


Software Screen capture software

If you are going to do a screencast you need some screen capture software. There are several to choose from and again I will go over them in a later post. If you don’t want to read any further on screen capture software I can recommend a decent free program called Jing. It works on Mac or Windows. In my screen capture post I will mention others that are available but Jing may be all you need.




LightingLighting for video

Depending on what you are doing then lighting is something you may or may not need. It is something to think about before you start and for a screencast type video you will not need it. But for other video projects you may find it is a necessity. On Easy Video Making.com we will discuss lighting in a future post.




Video Editingvideo editing solutions from easyvideomaking.com

Again, depending on what you are planning to produce this may or may not be necessary. At Easy Video Making.com we do have experience with video editing and in some circumstances video editing can be quite complicated. If you are just screen casting or making simple, short produce videos you may or may not need video editing. But whatever you may need, we can make recommendations and provide solutions for your needs, so do not hesitate to ask.




If you have a need for something that is not on this blog don’t hesitate to email me with your question and I’ll do my best to get you an answer quickly. I want to be your go to source for the information you need and if I don’t know the answer right off the top of my head I can find the answer.


Since this site is new and it will take a week or two to get some content published may I suggest you fill out the notification update form on the upper right. That way you will be notified when a new article or review is posted. Don’t forget you can contact me with questions in the meantime if you are having a problem and are looking for a solution. If I don;t know the answer right away I can find it for you.





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