Samson G-Track Pro USB Microphone Review

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Samson G-Track Pro


I found a new best friend when it comes to microphones. The Samson G-Track Pro USB Microphone has become my new BFF. Allow me to explain why and I think you will agree. It is priced higher than my previous choice so if adding about $60-$70 more to the price tag is an issue feel free to stick with my other recommendation.


Samson G Track Pro USB MicrophoneMOTU AudioDesk

The G-Track Pro is a professional USB studio Microphone with audio interface. Samson’s G-Track Pro is a complete recording solution for capturing vocals and instruments. Ideal for musicians, podcasters, gamers, and streamers, the G-Track Pro is a multi-pattern USB condenser microphone, audio interface and mixer all in one, delivering up to 24-bit, studio-quality sound with zero latency monitoring. And with the included MOTU AudioDesk recording software, the G-Track Pro is all you need from start to finish.

Here’s the main bullet points for you audiophiles and a non-technical explanation will follow.

  • All In One: Professional USB microphone with audio interface and mixer captures vocal and instrument recordings directly to your computer.
  • Simple Start or Plug N Play: Simply connect via USB (no drivers required) and start recording 25-bit/96kHz high resolution audio.
  • Multi-Pattern Mic: Dual 1” condenser mic capsules offer selectable cardioid (unidirectional), bidirectional and omnidirectional pickup patterns for versatile recording.
  • Instrumental: Plug in guitars and line level devices via the ¼” instrument input. Monitor via 1/8” stereo headphone out.
  • Production Tools Provided: Record, mix and master multitrack recordings with the included MOTU AudioDesk recording software.
  • Compatable with PC and Mac
  • 3-color LED for power, clip and mute
  • Integrated (removable) desktop base.
  • 120dB SPL
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz-20kHz
  • Resolution: 16 or 24 bit up to 96kHz
  • Weight; 3.5 lbs (1.6kg)

So, these bullet points should be sufficient for all you audiophiles reading this. If you want more technical information and analysis there are other more technical inclined blogs you can read online. I’ll try to explain now in non-technical terms for those gamers, youtubers and such who just want to know what this will do for them and how it will do it. In other words, how this thing will work for you to get you up and recording with the least amount of anguish.


g-track pro back view

Plug N Play

This means that you simply plug this in and you are ready to start recording. There are no drivers or anything else you need to download to be up and running. You will need to so into your control panel and set the G-track as your default recording device and default playback device. If you have a problem with that let me know and I’ll do a quick video tutorial showing you how but, it is pretty simple for most of you I’m sure.


What’s This All In One Stuff?

This means you can plug a guitar into the line in jack and play guitar and sing into the microphone at the same time and it will record both audio and instrument to your computer. Gamers, podcasters and youtubers will probably not be concerned with this feature. The included MOTU AudioDesk software would be used for this. A simple podcast or youtube video would not need this at all. If you are a musician reading this then you will already know what it all means.

What is a Pick-up pattern?pickup patterm

A pickup pattern is basically a polar graph showing where in relation to the microphone the sound will be picked up. For example the cardioid pattern will pick up audio from the front side of the mic. Cardioid would be used if you were sitting at your computer doing a podcast or a youtube video. The front of the mic facing you so anything behind of off to the side of the mic would reject any audio coming from those directions.

The  figure 8 pattern would receive audio from the front and back of the microphone. For instance you are doing an interview and the other person would be sitting on the opposite side of the table as you. The mic would pic up both of your voices.

Lastly the Omni pattern would pick up audio from 360 degrees around the mic. If you were at a conference table and you wanted to record what everyone was saying then this would be your pattern of choice.


The Weight of the Matter

This is one solid microphone and base. Weighing it at 3.5 pounds you are not going to tip this over accidentally and it will not be sliding around. There is a separate connector that comes with the g-track pro that lets you mount the mike on a standard mic stand. You are able to attach it to your boom stand and mount onto a shock mount if you want to do that.

g-track boom adaptor

The MOTU software that comes with the g-track is not necessary to use this mic so if you do not want to learn that no worries. MOTU AudioDesk is a pro quality audio recorder, mixer and audio editor so only necessary if you need to multi-track record.


If you are looking for a good solid mic with excellent sound quality for your youtube review videos or for your podcast you cannot go wrong with the Samson G-Track Pro. At the bottom of this page is embedded youtube video review I did on this mic.

Here is a link to the Samson G-Track Pro on Amazon (affiliate link so if you buy using this link I will receive a small commission)

A brief video Review




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